Chican@ Power and the Struggle for Aztlan

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by a MIM(Prisons) Study Group, Cipatli, Ehecatl


2015, paperback

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From the Amerikan invasion and theft of Mexican lands, to present day migrants risking their lives to cross the U.S. border, the Chican@ nation has developed in a cauldron of national oppression and liberation struggles. This book presents the history of the Chicano movement, exploring the colonialism and semi-colonialism that frames the Chican@ national identity. It also sheds new light on the modern repression and temptation that threaten liberation struggles by simultaneously pushing for submission and assimilation into Amerika.

Chicano Power and the Struggle for Aztlan is a must read for all involved in national liberation struggles in the United States today. Integrating gender and class into the discussion of the Chican@ nation, this book frames the struggle in a much needed analysis of history. Chicano Power and the Struggle for Aztlan lays the groundwork for the way forward for our struggle.

Read about: the true history of Mexico and Amerika and the birth of the Chican@ nation; many revolutionary heroes of the Chican@ people; modern torture methods used against conscious Chican@s; the class makeup of the nation today; and the way forward for the national liberation movement

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