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Climate Emergency Atlas: What's Happening - What We Can Do

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by Dan Hooke

DK Publishing

10/6/2020, hardcover

SKU: 9780744021837


Our house is on fire - it's time to wake up to the climate crisis facing planet Earth before it's too late.

This unique graphic atlas tells you everything you need to know about climate change and what we can do to turn things around. Which countries generate the highest CO2 emissions? Which coastal cities are most vulnerable to rising sea levels? What will the polar ice caps look like in 10 years' time? Which countries have successfully harnessed renewable energy sources?

Packed with facts and figures and more than 30 dynamic maps, Climate Emergency Atlas is clear and easy to understand, making it the perfect reference guide for all young climate activists.

About the Author:

Dan Hooke, MS in Climate Change Studies from University College, London.