Co-opoly: The Game of Co-operatives

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Game Design by Brian Van Slyke, Contributions from Andrew Stachiw

Graphic Design adapted from original design by Molly McLeod

Illustrations by Esther West

TESA Collective

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Co-opoly is a game of skill and solidarity, where everyone wins - or everyone loses! As featured in The Guaridan and on PBS.

  • All players are on the same team and work together to start a cooperative business or organization and compete against the Point Bank

  • Learn and practice skills needed to run a cooperative

  • Make tough choices and put your teamwork to the test

Designed for families and friends who want to play together instead of competing against each other, and groups thinking about starting a cooperative or improving skills as collaborators.

Co-opoly is also ethically produced - it is colorfully printed completely by other worker co-ops, entirely in the USA, and on recycled and sustainable materials.

Players: 3 to 6

Ages: 10+

Time: 60 minutes


"As both a co-operator and a long-time player and collector of board games, Co-opoly is a dream come true. Educational games have a tendency to be long on learning and short on playability, but Co-opoly is a wonderful exception, combining the real-life challenges and opportunities co-ops face with solid game play. The Work cards, which require you to draw, act out a charade or describe a specific word or phrase, give Co-opoly a party game feel, while the roll-and-move mechanics make the game easy for players at all skill levels to learn. Like co-ops themselves, Co-opoly combines principle and practice: an appropriate initiative for the International Year of Co-operatives and beyond." -- Donna Balkan, Communications Manager, Canadian Co-operative Association

"Move over Monopoly... [Co-opoly] is based on real life issues and principles and has a lot of educational value not found in most games. The education portion is subtly in play thru the entire game, as players learn how to best make a co-op setting work for them and their community. Check this one out! GREAT FUN is awaiting you!" -- Family Review Center