Cointelpro: The FBI's Secret War on Political Freedom

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by Nelson Blackstock

Pathfinder Press


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Describes the decades-long covert counterintelligence program - code-named Cointelpro - directed against socialists and activists in the Black and anti-Vietnam War movements. The operations revealed in the documents cited in this book-many of them photographically reproduced-provide an unprecedented look at the methods used by the FBI, CIA, military intelligence, and other U.S. police agencies. Despite their authors' intentions, these documents also record pieces of the history of efforts to build the communist movement in the United States.

"Cointelpro is the first book to disclose, in indisputable and chilling words of FBI officials themselves, the two-pronged attack with which the FBI has attempted to discredit and destroy lawful and effective groups working for social justice."-Gloria Steinem

"Using taxpayers money, large numbers of federal officials have been-and still are-working overtime in an attempt to disrupt, confuse and thwart the black, labor, and socialist movements from achieving their goals of eliminating oppression and exploitation. That is the only conclusion to be drawn from reading the book."-The Black Scholar

"Background essays and facsimiles of nearly 100 FBI memos and other documents are worth the study of thoughtful readers."-Publishers Weekly

Introduction by Noam Chomsky, and includes graphic reproductions of FBI documents.