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by Keith LaMar

Keith LaMar

2014, paperback

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Condemned is the first-hand account of Keith LaMar's (a.k.a. Bomani Shakur) experiences during and as a result of the Lucasville Prison Uprising of 1993. LaMar has spent 20 years in solitary confinement on Ohio's Death Row, awaiting execution for crimes he allegedly committed during the longest prison riot in US history in spite of an abundance of suppressed evidence to the contrary. LaMar vehemently denies any participation and sets out to prove to readers how the State of Ohio knowingly framed him in order to quickly resolve (under great public pressure) their investigation into a prison guard's death. Condemned forces readers to grapple with the notion of (in)justice for the poor and the conflict of interest inherent within the for-profit prison industry in America.

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