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Constellation Finder: A Guide to Patterns in the Night Sky with Star Stories from Around the World

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by Dorcas S. Miller

Nature Study Guild Publishers

5/1/2005, booklet

SKU: 9780912550268


Easily Identify the Constellations in the Night Sky!

Enjoy this essential guide to patterns in the night sky by celebrated author Dorcas Miller, with star stories from around the world. With this handy, easy-to-use book, you'll be able to identify the constellations in no time.

People around the world, and through the centuries, from the ancient Egyptians to the Pomo of California, have given names to the patterns they see in the night sky.

The latest book in the Finders series of pocket guides:

  • Features constellations from many cultures
  • Shows how to find them in the sky
  • Gives hints for stargazing, seasonal star maps, and constellation profiles
  • Is heavily illustrated by the author

This guide is most useful for stargazing between the 30th and 50th parallels in the northern hemisphere. In North America, this includes the contiguous United States (except the Florida peninsula and southernmost Texas), and southern Canada. Also includes southern Europe, Turkey, northern China, and Japan.

About the Author:

Dorcas S. Miller is the author of three other books in the Finders series: Track Finder, Berry Finder, and Winter Weed Finder, as well as books on many topics, including kayaking, hiking, natural history, and outdoor cooking. She has been a registered Maine Guide, Outward Bound instructor, and whitewater guide. Cherie Hunter Day is also the author of Life on Intertidal Rocks in the Finders series.