Cookin' Up a Storm

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by Laura Dakin

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2/1/2015, paperback

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The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is an international not-for-profit marine conservation organization that takes an aggressive direct-action approach to ending the slaughter of endangered and threatened wildlife in the worlds oceans. Sea Shepherd recognizes that a vegan diet is a critical aspect of sea animal preservation, so the galleys of their fleet maintain a round-the-clock menu of vegan cuisine. Led by the legendary Captain Paul Watson, their mission is carried out by the organizations four anti-poaching vessels and their crews.

Laura Dakin is chief cook on Sea Shepherds flagship, the Steve Irwin. In Cookin Up A Storm, she shares her adventures of feeding a hungry crew of 50 morning to night. Included are 80 of the crews favorite vegan recipes deliciously eclectic modified for the family kitchen, as well as insight on the logistics of keeping a staff of hard-working, seafaring vegans well nourished and satisfied. Interspersed throughout are crew members stories, laced with the excitement and danger of stalking whaling vessels on the high seas and seasoned with the courageous dedication of everyone on board.