Count On Us! Climate Activists from One to a Billion

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by Gabi Snyder Illustrated by Sarah Walsh

Barefoot Books


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Learn how a movement builds from one person to a billion in this A to Z environmental activism book. Readers count from 1 to 10 - and then in larger increments to a billion - as they learn new terms from "conservation" to "activism." Inset boxes provide easy-to-understand definitions of additional new vocabulary words.

Target Age: 4 to 9


“A call to eco-action based on the power of numbers . . . Young readers marching in step will meet Greta Thunberg and other iconic environmentalists and glimpse multiple ways of participating in the movement” – Kirkus Reviews

“Combining the standard concepts of counting and the alphabet with newer ones of activism and climate change puts a fresh twist on both” – School Library Journal

About the Contributors:

Gabi Snyder is a fan of nature walks, wildlife and patterns. Since childhood, she's been especially fascinated by increasing patterns like numbers growing from one to a billion! She lives in the beautiful Willamette Valley region of Oregon, USA with her family.

Sarah Walsh has spent the last two decades creating children's book illustrations, large paintings, pattern design, hand lettering and much more. Sarah received her BFA in Graphic Design in upstate New York where she grew up. She currently lives in Kansas City with her partner, their son and various pets. She works from her sunny and plant-filled studio nearby.