Dirt Tales #2

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by Mary Tremonte

Eberhardt Press

2021, paperback

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This zine about soil health, soil pollution, and remediation is part of Mary Tremonte’s two year-long project with Grow Pittsburgh, as part of Pittsburgh’s Office of Public Art’s Environment, Health, and Public Art Initiative.  You can view a panel discussion with Mary and the other artists working on this initiative, Ginger Brooks Takahashi and Aaron Henderson, and learn more about it here. Each artist collaborated with a local organization that addresses environmental pollution in the region to create temporary public artworks. These artworks address several distinct yet intersecting issues of environmental health: water pollution, air pollution, and lead toxicity in the soil.

This issue includes an interview with Kara Rubio of Women for a Healthy Environment, mud stencils, and more! The center spread is a poster about heavy metal contaminants and how to avoid them.