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by D.S. Marriott

Commune Editions

1/15/2019, paperback

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In Duppies, D.S. Marriott writes a poetry of grime, the London street music, one that is "late shift, zero hour." Mixing lyric tonality with grime's aggression, grit, and speed, this is a coruscating study of the racial politics of austerity. And it is an erudite lyric, one attentive to the continuing legacies of slavery, how this history shapes and defines everything from the law to the understanding of who or what is human.


"Like Aimé Césaire, whom he sees as a revolutionary black modernist who delegitimized modernism's imitative structure of readymade experimentation, Marriott's work resists categorization." --Sandeep Parmar in Los Angeles Review of Books

"Marriott's poems broker a profound engagement with the violence involved in the jurisdiction of love as well as the jurisdiction of colonialism... These poems are something else." -John Wilkinson


D. S. Marriott is originally from the UK, but now lives in Oakland, California. His poetry is often associated with the Cambridge school of poetry. And as a scholar, he has been a leading theorist of afro-pessimism. Recent books of poetry include: Hoodoo Voodoo (Shearsman, 2008) and In Neuter (Equipage, 2012). Whither Fanon? Studies in the Blackness of Being, is forthcoming from Stanford University in June, 2018.