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Ecological Reflections

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by Clint Jones

Cornerstone Press

1/1/2018, paperback

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Ecological Reflections provides an intellectual roadmap for deciphering the difficulties facing civilization confronted by the destabilization of late stage capitalism. Drawing upon a variety of resources, Dr. Clint Jones argues that it is of vital importance that traditional ideas about the human–nature divide be systematically broken down, not merely along the typical socio-political divides of race, class, and gender, but at deeper ontological and metaphysical levels. By radically reconceptualizing how we personally, socially, and communally inhabit environmental spaces, Jones argues that it is possible to develop a more thorough appreciation of what it means to be in the world.


"This slender book of elegant essays covers a remarkably wide range of subjects-from political ecology to ecoeroticism with continental philosophy, Marxism, feminism, and race theory in between. And in remarkable depth. Clint Jones cuts right to the chase in each one of them. The topics are all cutting-edge contemporary and the discussion of them is well informed by the latest relevant literature. It's a great read."  -J. Baird Callicott, University of North Texas