Emergency Hearts, Molotov Dreams: A Scott Crow Reader: Selected Interviews & Conversations, 2010-2015

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by scott crow

GTK Press

11/15/2016, paperback

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This book is a selected collection of interviews and presentations that crow has given over the last five years covering a variety of topics such as- anarchy, cooperatives, police brutality, prisons, animal liberation, environmental justice, surveillance and political movements. Many of the interviews have been expanded, remixed and edited from their original publications.


"A must-read for anyone who is ready to face the reality that to create social change we need to step away from our computers and into the streets." --lauren Ornelas, Founder and Director of Food Empowerment Project

"This book is scott crow's contribution to an emerging body of traditional wisdom and anarchist thought that inspires us to not squander our most vital resources and continue the struggles for a better world with our emergency hearts open." --Chris Hannah of Propagandhi