Everyday Revolutions: Horizontalism and Autonomy in Argentina

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by Marina A. Sitrin

Zed Books

2012, paperback

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In the wake of the global financial crisis, new forms of social organization and value production are appearing. People are coming together in order to resist corporate globalization, creating an alternative way forward.

In the West, this has been demonstrated by the recent and remarkable rise of the Occupy movement, but in Argentina, such radical transformations have been taking place for years. Factory workers and medical technicians are running their workplaces, themselves, without bosses. People have taken over land to build homes and schools, raise livestock and grow crops, creating their own art and media in the process. Everyday Revolutions tells the story of how regular people changed their country and inspired others across the world.

Marina Sitrin shows how an economic crisis spurred a people's rebellion. These new movements have created new forms of social organization - such as "horizontalism" and "autogestion" - that serve as instructive examples for activists the world over.

Dynamic and groundbreaking, Everyday Revolutions shows how the experiences of the autonomous movements in Argentina can help answer the question of how to turn a rupture into a revolution.