Feminist Cyberlaw

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Edited by Meg Leta Jones and Amanda Levandowski

University of California Press

5/28/2024, paperback

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This vibrant and visionary reimagining of the field of cyberlaw through a feminist lens brings together emerging and established scholars and practitioners to explore how gender, race, sexuality, disability, class, and the intersections of these identities affect cyberspace and the laws that govern it. It promises to build a movement of scholars whose work charts a near future where cyberlaw is informed by feminism.


"This intellectually exciting collection seamlessly draws together highly original research and reflections on the perils and potential of technology--and imagines the digital futures that might be possible if we heed the insights of feminist scholars." -- Alondra Nelson, Institute for Advanced Study

"With this volume, Meg Leta Jones and Amanda Levendowski have accomplished the Herculean task of assembling a diverse collection of essays that are sure to become mainstays of the critical feminist law canon. These essays expose how an approach to cyberlaw rooted in patriarchy can contribute to the degradation and exploitation of the bodies and labor of women. The essays also spotlight and advocate for the feminist values of accountability, consent, autonomy, and participation that would benefit not just women but also racial and other minorities. Feminist Cyberlaw will stand as an indispensable resource for legal scholars and practitioners alike attempting to understand how the internet could live up to its true democratic ideals." -- Ifeoma Ajunwa, author of The Quantified Worker: Law and Technology in the Modern Workplace

About the Editors:

Meg Leta Jones is the Provost's Distinguished Associate Professor in the Communication, Culture, and Technology program at Georgetown University. She is the author of Ctrl+Z: The Right to Be Forgotten and The Character of Consent: The History of Cookies and the Future of Technology Policy.

Amanda Levendowski
 is Associate Professor of Law and Founding Director of the Intellectual Property and Information Policy Clinic at Georgetown University Law Center. She is also the founder of the Cyberspace and Technology (CAT) Lab.