Fern Finder: A Guide to Native Ferns of Central and Northeastern United States and Eastern Canada

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by Anna C. Hallowell and Barbara G. Hallowell

Nature Study Guild Publishers

1/1/1981, booklet

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Easily Identify the Ferns You Find!

Enjoy learning to identify ferns with this guide from authors Anne Hallowell and Barbara Hallowell. With this handy, easy-to-use book, you'll be able to identify a wide variety of ferns in no time. And its small size makes it just right for fitting into your pocket or pack when you go for a hike or a walk in the woods.


  • Provides information to help you identify native ferns that grow in the United States Midwest and Northeast, as well as eastern Canada
  • Uses a dichotomous key, like other plant guides in the Nature Study Guides Finders series
  • Leads the user step-by-step through a series of choices, culminating in the identification of the species
  • Includes a large number of illustrations with line drawings