Flower Finder: A Guide to the Identification of Spring Wild Flowers and Flower Families East of the Rockies and North of the Smokies

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by May Theilgaard Watts

Nature Study Guild Publishers

1/1/1955, staple-bound

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Easily Identify the Flowers You Find!

Enjoy this essential guide to identifying spring wildflowers and flower families, written by celebrated ecologist May Theilgaard Watts. With this handy, easy-to-use book, you'll be able to identify a wide variety of flowers in no time.


  • Covers the United States and southern Canada, east of the Rockies and north of the Smokies
  • Pocket-size, key-style field guide fits in your pocket or pack, making it easy to take along with you
  • Provides a series of simple questions, so you can find the family the flower belongs to, and then the name of the individual species

About the Authors:

May Theilgaard Watts (1893-1975) was a teacher, writer, illustrator, and naturalist. Born in Illinois, she was a pioneer in the field of ecology.