For Antifascist Futures: Against the Violence of Imperial Crisis

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Edited by Alyosha Goldstein and Simón Ventura Trujillo

Common Notions Press

4/19/2022, paperback

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We must, as For Antifascist Futures urges, take antifascism as a major imperative of movements for social change. But we must not limit our analysis or historical understanding of the rise of the right-wing authoritarianism in our times by rooting it in mid-twentieth century Europe. Instead we turn to a collection of powerful BIPOC voices who offer a range of anticolonial, Indigenous, and Black Radical traditions to think with.

For Antifascist Futures: Against the Violence of Imperial Crisis takes seriously what is new in this moment of politics, exploring what the analytic of fascism offers for understanding the twenty-first century authoritarian convergence by centering the material and speculative labor of antifascist and antiracist social movement coalitions. By focusing on the long history of BIPOC antifascist resistance that has been overlooked in both recent conversations about racial justice as well as antifascist resistance, the essays, interviews, and documents included here make clear how racialized and colonized peoples have been at the forefront of theorizing and dismantling fascism, white supremacy, and other modes of authoritarian rule

By linking a deep engagement, both scholarly and practical, of racial justice movements with an antifascist frame, and a global analysis of capitalism the contributors have assembled a powerful toolbox for our struggles. The editors, widely recognized ethnic and American studies scholars, offer a groundbreaking collection with contributions from Johanna Fernandez, Manu Karuka, Charisse Burden-Stelly, Zoé Samudzi, and Macarena Gomez-Barris, among others.


"Globalizing and reframing fascisms on a world scale, this urgent and powerful volume analyzes fascism as the convergence of authoritarian state and extralegal racial nationalist violence responding to the historical and material crises of capitalism and imperialism. The collection constellates a stunning range of antifascist practices, from Black radical internationalism, anticolonial movements, and insurgencies in the Philippines, Palestine, and South Asia, and across Latin America and Africa, on the one hand, to a long history of antifascisms and racial justice movements in the U.S. and Indigenous demands for return of stolen land, on the other."-- Lisa Lowe, author of The Intimacies of Four Continents

"This extraordinary volume ranges over a planetary geography and deeply engages historical formations and trajectories of fascism and antifascism. The authors, writing in a variety of genres and from many fields of study, illuminate the makings of racialized violence, the role of untruths, post-truths, and ideologies, the afterlives and ongoing effects of colonial force, and the role of capital accumulation in the making of modern varieties of fascism. Every page of For Antifascist Futures forces us to face and reckon with the lacerating effects of fascist power on the body politic"-- Laleh Khalili, author of Sinews of War and Trade and Time in the Shadows

" For Antifascist Futures is a searing and necessary collection for our times. The precise and unsparing indictment of fascism--and its enduring entanglements in imperialist and capitalist expansion--is the urgent world-making project that we all need. By deftly engaging the analytic of fascism across time and geography, this constellation of intellectually & politically fierce essays narrates a simultaneously sobering and inspiring political vision of internationalist antifascism against authoritarianism. This book is a tour de force."-- Harsha Walia, author of Border and Rule and Undoing Border Imperialism

About the Editors:

Alyosha Goldstein is a professor of American Studies at the University of New Mexico. He is the author of Poverty in Common: The Politics of Community Action during the American Century, editor of Formations of United States Colonialism (2014), and coeditor (with Jodi A. Byrd, Jodi Melamed, and Chandan Reddy) of "Economies of Dispossession: Indigeneity, Race, Capitalism," a special issue of Social Text (2018), (with Juliana Hu Pegues and Manu Vimalassery [Karuka]) of "On Colonial Unknowing," a special issue of Theory & Event (2016) and (with Alex Lubin) of "Settler Colonialism," a special issue of South Atlantic Quarterly (2008).

Simón Ventura Trujillo is an assistant professor in the English Department at New York University and the author of Land Uprising: Native Story Power and the Insurgent Horizons of Latinx Indigeneity (2020)