Fred Korematsu Speaks Up

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by Laura Atkins and Stan Yogi, illustrated by Yutaka Houlette

Heydey Books

2017, hardcover

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The first major book for young people to tell the Internment story of one man and to talk about how he fought against its legality for 40 years and won.

Fred Korematsu liked listening to music on the radio, playing tennis, and hanging around with his friends - just like lots of other Americans. But when the United States went to war with Japan in 1941, the government forced all people of Japanese ancestry to leave their homes on the West Coast to live in distant prison camps, even though they had done nothing wrong. This included Fred, whose parents had immigrated to the United States from Japan many years before. But Fred refused to go. He knew he should have the same rights as any other American citizen. He knew that what the government was doing was unfair. And when Fred go put in jail, he knew he couldn't give up.

Told through a variety of mediums, an excellent addition to any young person's library.