Good Chants for a Lively Protest

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by Ruth Goldbaum

Syracuse Cultural Workers

2018, updated, staple bound

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Planning a march, rally, teach-in, civil disobedience action?

Chants and songs are an energizing, essential part of our movements. Good Chants (pocket-sized) has been boldly updated with 168 chants and 20 songs for the anti-Trump era!

Good Chants is a ready resource for any political action. In these tough times, chants and songs are important tools that can deliver powerful messages. A few well-chosen “sound bites” can brighten and energize any event. You can hand out this pocket-sized booklet to folks and collect at end, or designate chant leaders to have "permanent" copies, or make copies of select chants suited to your event.

Chants include Multi-Purpose Protest, Labor Union, Social Justice & Racial Justice, Immigration, Spanish and other languages, Feminist, LGBTQ+, Environmental and Gun Control.