Grand Juries: Tools of Political Repression

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by Craig Rosebraugh

Liberation Collective

1998, staple-bound booklet

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This classic and timeless booklet explains federal grand juries and how they function as "tools of political repression," gives a history of grand juries and attempts to abolish them, and details the author's early experiences facing grand juries. 

Between 1997 and 2006, Craig Rosebraugh was served eight grand jury subpoenas and a Congressional subpoena as the federal government attempted to hunt down the elusive Earth Liberation Front. This booklet was produced just two years into Rosebraugh's nine years of resisting grand juries, but remains a valuable resource on the topic. 

"In my experience with grand juries, the most fascinating realization I have encountered is that the public at large is misinformed and kept in the dark. Most civilians do not realize that an individual does not have a right to council nor the Fifth Amendment protection in the proceedings. Individuals I spoke with from all walks of life were outraged when they learned of this reality occurring in grand juries. Yet, it is this very secrecy and deception that has led to the continuation of grand juries. It is a simple rule that says if no one is informed, no one will object."