Herbs and Plants for Food and Medicine: A Field and Kitchen Guide to Your Local Plants

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by Arianne Banda


12/10/2022, booklet

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Reclaim your knowledge of the Earth! This field and kitchen guide offers hand-drawn images, descriptions, and uses for some of the most common plant inhabitants of the Northeast U.S., though many of them are invasive and likely to be well-spread throughout Turtle Island (North America). 

About the Author:

Arianne Banda is a performance artist and practitioner of Afro-Indigenous medicine. Born and raised in South Africa and descendent of the Chewa and Shangaan people of Southern Africa, she has resided in the US in recent years and currently lives in New York City. She has a BFA from Boston University. Arianne is an avid forager and creator of herbal remedies and natural body products. She is in love with poetry, writing, painting, acting, and vocal performance, and has found that her artistic endeavors fuse well with the ideals of traditional medicine and forge a healing path. When we heal, we change—and art is change imagined, and enacted.