A History of the French Anarchist Movement, 1917-1945

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by David Barry

AK Press

03/01/2009, paperback

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David Berry's study is the first English-language evaluation of the development of the French anarchist movement between the great wars. Using an impressive array of archival sources and personal interviews, his original research explores the debates and growing pains of a large, working-class movement facing great obstacles. Focusing on the organized wings of the movement -- the anarcho-communist and syndicalist groups -- it offers a ringside seat to the legacy of the First International, the upheaval of the Russian Revolution and subsequent Bolshevik treachery, as well as the fight against fascism. Includes an introduction by archivist and historian Barry Pateman.

About the Author:

Dave Berry teaches French and politics at Loughborough University in the United Kingdom. He is the reviews editor of Anarchist Studies and on the editorial committee of the Journal of Contemporary European Studies. He is a member of the Centre International de Recherches sur l'Anarchisme and the Association for the Study of Modern & Contemporary France.