How Not to Kill Yourself: A Survival Guide for Imaginative Pessimists

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by Set Sytes

Microcosm Publishing

03/08/2022, paperback

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Are you inclined to escape the crumminess of everyday life into fantasy worlds? Are you smart and imaginative in a way that isn't really suited to your surroundings? Are you definitely misunderstood, likely angry, and almost certainly depressed? Set Sytes, hailing from the UK, would prefer you stay alive and sort things out rather than the alternative, thanks. He figures there are better opportunities for you out there and lays it all out in a way that's compelling, funny, sharp, and useful. This book (please don't call it a self-help guide, asks the author) is ultimately about how to be a person in the world. It can be done non-miserably, we promise.

About the Author:

Set Sytes was born in the misty, Arthurian woods of England and was raised by bears. He never grew up, meaning that his ambition is still to become Emperor of the Known Universe (to start with). When he’s not spending his time plotting how best to achieve this and more, he is composing stories – warnings of sorts, as to what we might expect when he finally succeeds in breaking down the barriers between worlds.

Set has authored many stories of darkness and weirdness and flights of fancy, including the adult sci-fi/fantasy The Fifth Place series, the pirate fantasy India Bones series, the twisted dystopian thriller Moral Zero, and the fantasy/horror short story collections of Faces in the Dark and Born to be Weird. He is also the author of the non-fiction anti-depression handbook How Not to Kill Yourself: A Survival Guide for Imaginative Pessimists.