I Deserve Good Things: An Introductory Guide to Abortion Support

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by Ashley Hartman Annis

Microcosm Publishing

06/22/2022, booklet

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In this helpful guide for those facing the incredibly difficult decision of whether and how to get an abortion, author Ashley Hartman Annis offers the reader resources and information that can help pregnant people navigate the morass of restrictions, state laws, and stigmas that stand in the way of accessing fundamental reproductive rights. From information on the many different kinds of abortion care available, to frameworks for helping pregnant folks think about which approach makes the most sense for them, to advice on after-care plans and ways for partners to support pregnant people, this zine covers it all. A powerful resource in the hands of pregnant people, and in the hands of activists seeking to help others access their fundamental reproductive rights, I Deserve Good Things can help folks think about abortion and help them through the process, no matter what the theologians and fascists on the Supreme Court have to say about the matter. 

About the Author:

Ashley Hartman is a full-spectrum birthworker (doula) and fertility awareness educator certified through the Association of Fertility Awareness Professionals, . She believes absolutely everyone deserves a complete, unbiased, judgement-free education on sex, reproduction, birth control, sexuality, and desire. Annis uses the rest of her time to work on her BA in gender and women's studies at the University of Wisconsin, knit socks, read books, and spend time with her partner, her dog, and her rabbit in Madison, Wisconsin.