If I See You Again Tomorrow

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by Robbie Couch

Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

4/18/2023, hardcover

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From the author of The Sky Blues and Blaine for the Win comes a speculative young adult romance about a teen stuck in a time loop that's endlessly monotonous until he meets the boy of his dreams.

For some reason, Clark has woken up and relived the same monotonous Monday 309 times. Until Day 310 turns out to be... different. Suddenly, his usual torturous math class is interrupted by an anomaly--a boy he's never seen before in all his previous Mondays.

When shy, reserved Clark decides to throw caution to the wind and join effusive and effervescent Beau on a series of "errands" across the Windy City, he never imagines that anything will really change, because nothing has in such a long time. And he definitely doesn't expect to fall this hard or this fast for someone in just one day.

There's just one problem: how do you build a future with someone if you can never get to tomorrow?

Target age: 13 to 17


"Couples a vivacious queer romance with an emotionally intelligent time loop tale, meshing Groundhog Day with Ferris Bueller's Day Off... Their day-after-day cat-and-mouse game, which never feels dull despite repeating events, eloquently explores themes of loneliness, love and forgiveness, and the quiet power of kindness, all while maintaining ticking-clock suspense." -- Publisher's Weekly, starred review

"Couch has done an excellent job of breathing new life into an old trope, crafting a clever plot with complex, likable characters. Along the way, he keeps readers on their toes... If Couch occasionally throws his readers for a loop, they'll be glad he does." --Booklist, starred review

About the Author:

Robbie Couch is a Los Angeles-based writer who spends his time eating noodles, scrolling on his phone, and explaining to confused strangers that his last name is pronounced "like a sofa." He is the author of The Sky BluesBlaine for the Win, and If I See You Again Tomorrow