Inside/Out: Selected Poems

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by Marilyn Buck

City Lights Publishers

5/29/2012, paperback

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Marilyn Buck was a committed political radical, imprisoned for over thirty years for her revolutionary activities. She was also a prolific writer and poet, publishing her work in a prize-winning chapbook, an audio CD and in various journals and anthologies. She received a PEN American Center prize for poetry in 2001.

Buck was released from prison less than a month before her death at age sixty-two from uterine cancer. This selection of her finest poetry is a living testament to the fierce intelligence and huge compassion that inspired and informed her life, and to the transcendence of her poetic vision.


"This is an important book on so many levels . . . it models a degree of resistance most of us are never called upon to develop."--Ms. Magazine

"Though it is unclear from Buck's writing what place organized religion had for her after she left home, these pages contain prayers, answers, wise and generous gifts."--The Rumpus

About the Author:

Marilyn Jean Buck was an American Marxist revolutionary and feminist poet, who was imprisoned for over 30 years for her political activities. She was released on July 15, 2010, less than a month before her death at age 62 from uterine cancer. While in prison, Buck contributed articles on women in prison, solitary confinement, political prisoners and related issues to Sojourners Magazine, Monthly Review and other journals and anthologies. She published her poetry in journals, anthologies, a chapbook and an audio CD. She received a PEN American Center prize for poetry in 2001. Her poems appeared in the anthologies Hauling Up the Morning, Wall Tappings, Igniting a Revolution: Voices in Defense of the Earth, Seeds of Fire, and in her chapbook, Rescue the Word. Her poems appear on the audio CD Wild Poppies (Freedom Archives 2004).