Is China an Imperialist Country?: Considerations and Evidence

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by N.B. Turner

Kersplebedeb Publishing

10/01/2015, paperback

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Whether or not China is now a capitalist-imperialist country is an issue on which there is some considerable disagreement, even within the revolutionary left. This book brings together theoretical, definitional and logical considerations, as well as the extensive empirical evidence which is now available, to demonstrate that China has indeed definitely become a capitalist-imperialist country. Indeed, the issue is raised of whether the current world imperialist system is in fact in the early stages of bifurcating into two competing imperialist blocs, one led by the United States and the other led by China.

Is China an Imperialist Country? contains extensive data on: the size and nature of the present Chinese capitalist economy; the massive and rapidly growing export of capital from China, to Africa and around the world; the very rapid expansion of the Chinese military for the purpose of 'protecting' China's foreign investment; and the dangerous and growing contention between China and other imperialist powers, especially the United States.

This data is analyzed and interpreted in a Maoist framework, in order to decipher some of the implications of the past hundred years of Chinese -- and world -- history, for those who seek the overthrow and end to capitalism and imperialism in all its forms.

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