Jane Austin Goes to School with the Lumpen/Proletariat

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by J. Sakai

Kersplebedeb Publishing

2022, staple-bound

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This article, published as a chapter in the book The Dangerous Class and Revolutionary Theory: thoughts on the making of the lumpen/proletariat, uses Jane Austen's writing and her own personal world as a closer doorway into the intense transformation and dangers of the English capitalist countryside of the late 1700s and early 1800s. The goal is to better understand in a whole-world context, how formerly self-supporting communities were remade in that time into -- in part -- a destitute homeless proletariat, and the remainder a mass criminalized lumpen/proletariat.

This is not literary criticism, but the analysis of the birth of a demi-class in the practical context of capitalism's savage real-life circumstances. So we are better prepared for our own onrushing future.

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