Jewish Noir: Contemporary Tales of Crime and Other Dark Deeds

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Edited by Kenneth Wishnia

PM Press

11/1/2015, paperback

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This anthology includes the work of numerous authors such as Marge Piercy, Harlan Ellison, S. J. Rozan, Nancy Richler, Moe Prager (Reed Farrel Coleman), Wendy Hornsby, Charles Ardai, and Kenneth Wishnia. The stories explore such issues as the Holocaust and its long-term effects on subsequent generations, anti-Semitism in the mid- and late-20th-century United States, and the dark side of the Diaspora (e.g., the decline of revolutionary fervor, the passing of generations, the Golden Ghetto, etc.). The stories in this collection include "Trajectories," Marge Piercy's story of the divergent paths taken by two young men from the slums of Cleveland and Detroit in a rapidly changing post-WW II society; "Some You Lose," Nancy Richler's empathetic exploration of the emotional and psychological challenges of trying to sum up a man's life in a eulogy; and "Yahrzeit Candle," Stephen Jay Schwartz's take on the subtle horrors of the inevitable passing of time. These works include many "teachable moments" about the history of prejudice, the contradictions of ethnic identity, and assimilation into American society and culture.


"Wishnia's works are addictive, thought provoking page-turners." --Impulsive Reviews

"Stirring. Evocative. Penetrating." --Elie Wiesel on contributor Stephen Jay Schwartz's "Yahrzeit Candle"

"The stories exemplify the editor's claim that 'practically anything' can be Jewish noir." --Publishers Weekly


Kenneth Wishnia is an associate professor of English at Suffolk Community College and the author of the Filomena Buscarsela Mystery series--the first of which was nominated for both the Edgar and the Anthony Awards, and made the Booklist "Best First Mystery" list--and The Fifth Servant. He lives on Long Island.