kites: a journal of communist theory and strategy #4

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Kites Publications

2021, paperback

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In this issue:

  • A Call for communist social investigation a year after the summer of rebellion; Issue #4 Editorial by the kites editorial committee
  • The Tinderbox and the Tourniquet: Voices from Baltimore in the Wake of the 2015 Rebellion and Bourgeois State Intervention, by kilmor
  • Against the Tide of Counter-Revolution: An Interview with Comrade Kiran (Mohan Baidya), General Secretary of the Communist Party of Nepal (Revolutionary Maoist), by the kites editorial committee
  • Welcome to Splitsvillle. Population: Every Leftist Organization of the last Decade: A call for summations, not subtweet recriminations, by the kites editorial committee
  • Picking the ripest fruit for harvesting a revolutionary people (part 4 of the specter series), by kenny lake
  • Exceptionally Serious Responsibility: Some notes on the history of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement and prospects for unity in the international communist movement today, by hinton alvarez
  • “We are both the subject and the object of the revolution”: An Interview with Italy’s CARC Party (Part 1 of On Granite Conviction: revolutionary communism in italy today), by the kites editorial committee
  • a revolutionary people requires a revolutionary literature, by an editor of kites

About the Publisher:

kites is a journal of communist theory and strategy for revolution focused on North America. It emerged in 2020 from the initiative of two organizations: Revolutionary Initiative (RI) in Canada and the Organization of Communist Revolutionaries (OCR) in the US. Its Editorial Committee is composed of a few communist revolutionaries from across North America, and operates as an independent entity.

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