La Frontera

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by Alfredo Alva and Deborah Mills, Illustrated by Claudia Navarro

Barefoot Books

5/1/2018, paperback

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Join a young boy and his father on a daring journey from Mexico to Texas to find a new life. They'll need all the resilience and courage they can muster to safely cross the border - la frontera - and to make a home for themselves in a new land.

Target age: 3 to 11

About the Contributors:

Alfredo Alva is a stonemason from La Ceja, Mexico. He and his family live in Texas, where he designs architectural details from stone for local architects. He met Deborah Mills while working on a local architecture project, and they worked together to write his story and obtain photos of his family and hometown in Mexico.

Deborah Mills is an architect who has lived and traveled all over the world with her family. She divides her time between Texas, USA and the Thousand Islands.

Claudia Navarro studied at the Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas UNAM in Mexico City, and has illustrated for clients around the world. She lives in Mexico City, Mexico.