Linus the Vegetarian T-Rex

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by Robert Neubecker

Beach Lane

2013, hardcover

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Meet Linus - a Tyrannosaurus rex who is very brave, very tough, and very vegetarian.

Ruth Ann Mackenzie knows everything about dinosaurs. She knows their names. She knows when they lived. And she certainly knows what they ate. So when she meets Linus, a towering, toothy T. rex who prefers picking vegetables to preying on his herbivorous neighbors, she's not sure what to think. Is something wrong with Linus? Or does Ruth Ann maybe, just maybe, not know everything there is to know about dinosaurs? Dino lovers young and old will delight in this picture book chock-full of prehistoric personality-and don't forget to search for the naughty velociraptor duo hidden throughout the book!

Neubecker created the character of Linus after reading an article about the Falcarius utahensis, a dinosaur that evolved from a meat eater to a vegetarian.