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Lives of the Saints

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by Alan Franklin

Black & Red

2/2022, paperback

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A pointedly jaundiced look at the meaning of sainthood in the modern world, Franklin’s book is, among other things, the outcome of many years spent wondering how we humans went so wildly astray in our treatment of each other and of our shared planetary home. In that vein, Franklin’s multiple narrators embody, confront or critique a panoply of contemporary saints and their symptoms, from Christopher Columbus to Adolph Hitler, from family psychodynamics to globe-encircling hierarchies of power and domination. And all with a smile on their lips and a song in their hearts.

About the Author:

Alan Franklin is a Fifth Estate contributing writer whose guitar can be heard with the anarcho ska-punk band, the Layabouts. Over the years he has been a frequent contributor to both The Fifth Estate and The Daily Barbarian.