Love Me Rebel Love Me

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by Byron Shane Chubbuck


01/18/2011, paperback

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The title Love Me Rebel Love Me is an explanation of how the author Byron Shane Chubbuck, also known as Oso Blanco, perceives his life. As a young man, Byron spent time with both sets of grandparents, Native and Celtic, learning and experiencing the wonders of both cultures. He began writing poetry at a young age to express his love of the Southwest and the travels that he took to various places in the Southwest and through Indian Country. This book is the journey of his life, moods, troubles and hardships; showing his love of the land and the women he loved through his journeys. Byron won 2 poetry awards, in his early to mid twenties which encouraged him to continue his writings. His later writings done in prison came from the memories of his life as a rebel.

About the Author:

Byron Shane, a sovereign citizen of the Cherokee Nation -- Chubbuck clan, is native Cherokee/Choctaw and Celtic of the Southwest. He is an artists, musician, activists and unfailing rebel. He draws his creative influence from the heart - love - the beauty of the high desert Southwest and its spirit of creativity. He and his Celtic grandmother Elvina, spent 16 years working on this book; he writing, and she typing and collecting. Byron's native name is "Yono Unega" in Cherokee, "White Bear" in English. He has lived a turbulent life and drew from the pain of loss and love, as well as the joy of giving and compassion, of thus he claims is the true great high with genuine satisfaction. Joyfully, he says - long live the revolution towards higher consciousness and love.