Martin Sostre: Life and Legacy

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by REAL Youth Initiative

Burning Books

2024, booklet

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From the foreword:

"The Writers of this zine are a group of incarcerated young people at a juvenile (concentration camp) prison. We have been collectively incarcerated here for years, experiencing the abusive conditions and inhumane violence that the state keeps hidden from the public. It is within these prisons that we first learned about the life of Martin Sostre and engaged with his writings and legacy. In learning about his resistance to prison censorship and repression, assertions of bodily autonomy, jailhouse lawyering, and revolutionary political education, we have been inspired in our struggle against state violence. We wanted to make this zine to help spread Martin's life and legacy to other young people who are incarcerated."

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About the Contributors:

REAL Youth Initiative is a community of currently and formerly incarcerated young people working to abolish prisons and the conditions that (re)produce them. Find them on instagram at @realyouthinitiative