Max Corvo: OSS Italy 1492-1945

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by Max Corvo

Enigma Books

1990, 2005

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The memoirs of the man who headed OSS secret intelligence in Italy during the war and how he helped prepare the invasion of Sicily and the operations that led to the liberation of Italy. A fascinating view into the first major operations of the American wartime intelligence agency.

"This account is the story of the Italian Secret Intelligence Section of OSS, its relationship with other branches of the organization, and the evolution of U.S. policies which led to the establishment of the close relationship between Italy's postwar government and Washington. The forging of these links of friendship was tempered in countless underground battles waged against the Nazi-Fascist forces by OSS missions working in concert with Italian underground forces. Italy was the testing ground for OSS tactics and strategic concepts. The lessons learned there were successfully applied to similar undertakings in other parts of the world."

--Max Corvo