Memories of Freedom: From the Western Wildlife Unit of the Animal Liberation Front

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This thick, 75-page ‘zine is a '90s-era classic that inspired countless animal liberationists, radical environmentalists, and anarchists to take direct action. It’s an early example of the intersection of animal liberation, not only with environmentalism and anarchism, the legacy of indigenous resistance to colonization as well.

Chapters include; Take No Prisoners, the Radical Environmental Movement in America, the Animal Rights Movement in America, this is the ALF: Youth Take Charge, Fur Farming in America, Operation Bite Back, the Hunt for the Warriors of the ALF, Animal Damaged Control, the Capture of Rod Coronado, Until the Last Fur Farm Burns to the Ground, Brave Hearts Forward, Letter from Rod Coronado, and the Story of Coyote Nation. It also goes into details of Animal Liberation Front actions at Oregon State University, the Northwest Fur-Breeders Cooperative, Washington State University, Malecky Mink Ranch, and Michigan State University.

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