Men Who Hate Women: From Incels to Pickup Artists: The Truth about Extreme Misogyny and How It Affects Us All

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by Laura Bates


8/1/2023, paperback

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The first comprehensive undercover look at the terrorist movement no one is talking about.

Delve into the gripping and eye-opening world of Men Who Hate Women, as acclaimed feminist writer Laura Bates presents an unflinching examination of the pervasive misogyny that plagues our society.

In this thought-provoking and meticulously researched book, Bates fearlessly uncovers the dark underbelly of a deeply entrenched issue, shining a spotlight on the various manifestations of misogyny that continue to harm women worldwide. With razor-sharp insight, she navigates the complex web of toxic masculinity, gender biases, and harmful stereotypes that reinforce damaging attitudes toward women.

Through extensive interviews, real-life stories, and compelling statistics, Men Who Hate Women unveils the deeply disturbing prevalence of sexism in everyday life, challenging us to confront uncomfortable truths and reevaluate our collective responsibility in fostering a more equitable world.

This powerful work not only serves as an eye-opener but also as a call to action. Bates thoughtfully explores ways we can all contribute to dismantling the patriarchal structures that enable misogyny to thrive. By empowering readers with knowledge and understanding, she paves the path for meaningful change.

Key Topics Explored:

  • Toxic masculinity and its consequences
  • Online harassment and cyberbullying
  • Sexist tropes in media and entertainment
  • Workplace discrimination and the gender pay gap
  • Rape culture and victim-blaming
  • Intersectionality and its impact on marginalized communities

Men Who Hate Women is an essential read for anyone seeking to comprehend the deep-rooted issues affecting women's lives and striving to build a more inclusive, just and equal future.


"Laura Bates is showing us the path to both intimate and global survival." -- Gloria Steinem

"Well-researched and meticulously documented, Bates's book on the power and danger of masculinity should be required reading for us all." -- Library Journal

"Men Who Hate Women has the power to spark social change." -- Sunday Times

About the Author:

Laura Bates has become something of a spokeswoman for an increasingly hot phenomenon: the fourth wave of feminism. She writes regularly for the Guardian, the Independent, the New Statesman, and Time Magazine. Laura has given TEDx talks, spoken to universities, including Harvard, and even to the House of Lords. She is also contributor at Women Under Siege, a New-York based organization working to combat the use of sexual violence as a tool of war in conflict zones worldwide. She is the founder of the Everyday Sexism Project.