Miximum Ca' Canny the Sabotage Manuals

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by Ida Borjel, translated by Jennifer Hayashida

Commune Editions

11/1/2016, paperback

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At once practical handbook, philosophical inquiry, and series of fables set in Putin's Russia, The Sabotage Manuals throws a wrench into the machinery of contemporary language, generating strange solidarities between saboteurs past and present. Sourced from political pamphlets and factory workers' diaries, Borjel's profound poem allows for the most expansive (and explosive) sense of sabotage.

About the authors:

Ida Borjel was born in 1975 in Lund, Sweden. For her first book, Sond (2004), she received the prestigious award Katapultpriset. Since then, she has written over six works, including Skaneradio, Konsumentkoplagen: juris lyrik, and MA. She lives in Rostanga and works with the City Fables Group at Malmo University, exploring the way that stories about life in contemporary cities are negotiated, remediated and circulated.

Poet, translator and visual artist Jennifer Hayashida was born in Oakland, CA, and grew up in the suburbs of Stockholm and San Francisco. She received her B.A. in American Studies from the University of California at Berkeley, and completed her M.F.A. in poetry from the Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts at Bard College. She is most recently the translator, from the Swedish, of Athena Farrokhzad's White Blight (Argos Books, 2015), and Karl Larsson's Form/Force (Black Square Editions, 2015).