Nelson Mandela Speaks: Forging a Democratic Nonracial South Africa

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Nelson Mandela

Pathfinder Press

1993, 2013

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Speeches from 1990-93 recounting the struggle that put an end to apartheid and opened the fight for a deep-going political and social transformation in South Africa.

"By providing the primary material of these 31 speeches and by adding a biographical sketch, a chronology of events 1990-93, and a glossary of South African political figures and organizations, editor Clark has made available Mandela's recent public record for both contemporary analysts and for future students who want to understand how South Africa managed the relatively peaceful transition from Apartheid to a democratic non-racial South Africa." -Choice

Preface by Steve Clark, two 16-page photo sections, chronology, list of initials, glossary, notes, index. Now with enlarged type.