Ninety Feet Under: What Poverty Does to People

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by John Strazzabosco

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Ninety Feet Under: What Poverty Does to People identifies ninety major impacts of poverty on people, stressors that strike in total and all the time. All impacts are cited. The book was written in my own effort to find answers that plagued me as to why poverty has remained so resilient. By writing a list I began to understand that the problem has so many roots in disparate places that defy understanding, until I accepted the enormity of the whole assault on the mind and body. The causes I've identified are neurological, physiological, linguistic, and crammed with fear, cold and hunger. Included are stories of children and adults I knew, and how the impacts I've found deeply affect their lives.


"He argues -- no, he pleads -- that if we would only recognize that poverty is a societal disorder, and take the initiatives necessary to confront the full range of impacts that poverty causes, we have the resources to defeat the blight that affects the poor in our country." -- Thomas McFadden, President Emeritus, Marymount California University

"In his journey to bring a true understanding of poverty to the forefront of all socioeconomic classes, John Strazzabosco conveys his message with passion, humility, and purpose." -- Shawn L. Futch, Director, Focus on Self-Sufficiency, Action for a Better Community

About the Author:

John Strazzabosco is an educator, lecturer, and writer. A retired math teacher with thirty-three years in the Pittsford Central Schools, he has presented sixty workshops on understanding poverty to teachers, administrators, and staff, most recently including the Pittsford Schools, Webster Schools, Rochester Area Literary Conference, Hillside Crestwood Center, Villa of Hope, and the Mary Cariola Center. His active involvement in the poverty community spans the past twelve years, and has included tutoring, mentoring, training mentors for a self-sufficiency program run by Action for a Better Community, participation in Rochester Children's Zone, and work with youth at a city drop-in center.