No Bosses Here: A Manual for Working Cooperatively

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Vocations for Social Change

33rd Anniversary Reprint with Permission from Levellers Press

2009, paperback

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No Bosses Here is a "how to do it" manual which tells people how to start their own worker controlled co-operative workplace. The manual describes the concept of a collective in which all members share decision making. It then tells how to form a collective, how to set up the decision-making structure, and how to deal with the interpersonal problems that come up in a co-operative workplaces. Chapters and appendices, cover hiring and firing, the relationship of collectives to the social and change movement, book-keeping, pricing, and incorporation.

Vocations for Social Change, the author and publisher of this book, is a five year old counseling and information sharing collective that has worked with most of the collectives in the Boston area.