Nothing But an Unfinished Song: Bobby Sands, the Irish Hunger Striker Who Ignited a Generation

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by Denis O'Hearn

Nation Books

2006, paperback

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At seventeen, Bobby Sands was interested in girls, soccer, and music. Ten years later he led his fellow prisoners on a protest against repressive conditions in Northern Ireland's H-Block prisons that grabbed the world's attention. After sixty-six days of refusing to eat, Sands died on May 5, 1981. Parliaments across the world stopped for a minute's silence in his honor.

Bobby Sand's remarkable life and death have made him an Irish Che Guevara. "Nothing But an Unfinished Song" is the first biography to properly describe the motivation of the hunger strikers, recreating this period of history from within the prison walls. This powerful book illuminates for the first time this enigmatic, controversial and heroic figure.