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Omg Wtf Is Gerrymandering?: A Journal for Concerned Citizens

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by Ben Sheehan

Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers

4/14/2020, paperback

SKU: 9780762498451


Keep track of your thoughts and ideas while also learning about why gerrymandering sucks. With a sleek design and durable binding, this practical journal combines generous space with outlines of absurd-looking U.S. House districts from across the country. Complete with facts about gerrymandering -- what it is, how it began, who does it -- you'll learn about why certain federal, state, and local elections are predetermined before they happen (and how this cheating can be stopped).
With useful information drawn from OMG WTF Does the Constitution Actually Say?, this journal features:
  • Full-color illustrated flexi binding
  • Explanations of why some districts are so oddly shaped
  • Lines and blank interior pages, printed on wood-free paper
  • Ways you can fight gerrymandering at the federal, state, and local levels

About the Author:

Ben Sheehan is a former award-winning executive producer at Funny Or Die. He founded OMG WTF (Ohio, Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin, Texas, Florida) to teach voters about state executive races during the 2018 midterms. The Hollywood Reporter listed him as one of entertainment's 35 Rising Executives Under 35 and OMG WTF's Gerrymander Jewelry was a finalist for Fast Company's World Changing Ideas 2019. In 2016, he helped register 50,000 voters through digital videos as the executive director of Save the Day. The projects he's been involved with have received over a billion views.