On New Terrain

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by Kim Moody


12/12/2017, paperback

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An insightful and timely analysis of how global economic restructuring will impact workers' struggles in the US.

"Kim Moody, whose books and articles have for more than forty years provided essential analysis and strategy for the labor left, continues this indispensable work in his new book, On New Terrain: How Capital is Reshaping the Battleground of Class War. Arguing that capital has created a new and more advantageous terrain for working class struggle, he suggests that capital is more vulnerable, but the labor and social movements must be able to make the most of the situation. And Moody suggests how they might do so. The working class, he argues, also has the potential to create its own political force, but only if it can avoid the cul-de-sac of the Democratic Party. Every labor activist and all of those who want to build a powerful left in America will want to get this book."

"This is a detailed and provocative study of how capital has changed since the 1980s and its effects on the working class and political parties in the USA and across the world. It rejects the notion that we live in a post-capitalist world or that the 'gig economy' dominates industrial relations. Instead, it presents a classical Marxist analysis that painstakingly shows how the composition of the 'core working class' has changed in its occupational, industrial and ethno/racial composition under changing business practices since the 1980s." -Scottish Left Review

"Kim Moody, has been one most of the most experienced working-class organisers in the US over the past few decades. His latest book On New Terrain seeks to rethink both our understanding of capitalism today, and how the workers can respond." -Monthly Review

"Veteran US activist and author, Kim Moody, offers a timely antidote to despair about the potential of America's working class to play a central role both in resisting the Trump agenda and the neo-liberal brand of capitalism that paved 'The Donald's' path to the White House." -Labour Briefing

"Moody's argument not only insists the working class still exists but that its structural capacity to organise and paralyse production has grown as the restructuring and consolidation of capital has created a "new terrain" for the class struggle. Such a case is highly welcome to socialists who argue that workers possess the collective power to not just challenge capital but to break it." -Socialist Review

"The best recent work on the history and the contemporary promise of the move from Ford to Tesco." -Red Pepper

"Despite the election of Trump and the rise of the alt-right, the huge support for Bernie Sander's campaign for the 2016 Democratic Presidential nomination, the Black Lives Matter movement and the wave of teachers' strikes show that there is plenty of anger among US workers. Moody's welcome and important book shows that they still have the power to resist and how socialists can build a mass movement of opposition to neoliberalism in its heartland."


About the Author:

Kim Moody was a founder of Labor Notes and the author of several books on US labor. He is currently a Visiting Scholar at the Centre for the Study of the Production of the Built Environment of the University of Westminster in London, and a member of the National Union of Journalists.