Otherwise: On Reconnecting to Life, Facing the Climate Crisis, and Shaping the Future

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by Emma Lucille Percy

Emma Lucille Percy

2019, booklet

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Otherwise is the sequel & companion to All Together: a primer for connecting to place + cultivating ecological citizenship, published in 2017. It builds off of the first zine and goes deeper into exploring ecological identity, climate grief + anger, the precarity + necessity of hope, and sparking creative resistance to the genocidal + ecocidal capitalist system. Inside you will find questions + exercises for self-reflection, building resilience, future ideation, and connecting to nature. It also includes personal reflections and snippets of books with relevant insights.

10% of proceeds will be donated to earth-centered BIPOC organizations, beginning with the Northeast Farmers of Color Land Trust.

Reviews for Emma's work:

"Seemingly innocuous, Emma Percy's All Together moves the reader towards profound understandings of several key concepts behind deep ecology and radical environmentalism. Through a series of interactive exercises on topics including community, environment, ecology, land, climate, citizenship, resource consumption, repression, action and more, readers will find themselves looking beyond today’s smokescreens of green washing and green capitalism and glimpsing the true gravity of the looming environmental catastrophe. It even mentions monkeywrenching in its What Can I Do section! To top it off, this is an actual cut-and-paste, computer-free design, circa ‘zines of the 1990s. Awesome on so many levels, All Together is perfect for beginner to advanced environmentalists looking to gain the foundations necessary to make a real difference in the struggle to defend the Earth and those of us who live here.” – Leslie James Pickering, former spokesperson for the Earth Liberation Front, author of Mad Bomber Melville and The Earth Liberation Front 1997-2002