Our Death

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by Sean Bonney

Commune Editions

10/15/2019, paperback

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Long recognized as a poet of radiant fury, of lament, and of refusal, Sean Bonney is a modern-day Blake whose poetry reminds us what matters. Our Death, his latest and long awaited first US collection, is full of poems of militant despair that refuse any capitulation to the worldview of the enemy. These poems wander the hinterlands of our absolutely endangered cities, chart the aftermath of the collapse of the social movements of the early part of the decade, and pay homage to the Greek anarchist poet Katerina Gogou.


"Bonney's poems are what the so-called New Generation poets must have been dreaming of (if finally incapable of really imagining) 20 years ago when they declared that poetry was the new rock n' roll. If in their case it turned out that this meant that both poetry and rock n' roll were dead, Bonney's work might be enough to resuscitate the corpse of poetry. He deserves to be the most popular poet in Britain." --Keith Tuma, author of Anthology of Twentieth-Century British and Irish Poetry

"Sean Bonney offers one of the most compelling contributions to politically engaged poetry and poetics in Britain today." --David Nowell Smith, author of On Voice in Poetry

"For Bonney, hell is the extreme wealth of the nation." --Peter Middleton, author of Distant Reading


Sean Bonney's poetry has been translated into several languages. His works include Letters Against the Firmament (Enitharmon Press, 2015), Four Letters, Four Comments (Punch Press, 2012), and Happiness (Poems After Rimbaud) (Unkant, 2011). He is currently based in Berlin.