Planet SOS: 22 Modern Monsters Threatening Our Environment (and What You Can Do to Defeat Them!)

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by Marie G. Rohde

What On Earth Books

4/7/2020, hardcover

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Our planet is sending out an SOS. From global warming to plastic pollution, real-life environmental monsters are threatening our world at every turn. Now it's your chance to challenge them!

Meet the habitat-harming monsters that are ruining the Earth and learn how to vanquish each one.

The fearsome Atmosdragon is heating the planet and causing global warming, while the bright-eyed Glareworm is busy creating light pollution and the Smogosaurus is filling our air with toxic fumes. Each of these beasts is wreaking havoc on our planet and we need heroes - could you be one of them?

In all, 22 monsters are featured in Planet SOS and each of them is accompanied by a Monster Card outlining the big, bad beasts' weaknesses and how to use each one to your advantage. Mythical monsters have always represented humanity's greatest fears, and the environmental monsters in Planet SOS are no different. Each is paired with the mythological beast it is based on.

Planet SOS is the perfect handbook for any eco-hero who wants to learn about our global environmental crisis. A gatefold highlighting monster-beating actions kids can take, a gatefold world map showing where these environmental problems can be found, glossary, index, and source notes are also included.


"5++ Rating. Rohde presents twenty-two different aspects of the crisis that is engulfing our planet - and she does it in a unique, creative and accessible way. Each Monster receives a two-page spread that graphically illustrates the individual Monster. Attractive and easily understood, anyone can gain knowledge of the crisis at hand." -Youth Services Book Review

"This ambitious exploration of environmental threats, including smog, deforestation, and oil spills, characterizes each as a vanquishable monster. Rohde's textural digital art ensures there is plenty to look at on each oversize page. While this compendium is text-heavy, clear prose and character cards offer a novel way to encourage environmentalism." - Publishers Weekly

About the Author:

When finishing her architectural studies in Sweden, Marie G. Rohde entered children's books competition and began a new and unexpected chapter in her life. Marie swapped plans and diagrams for illustration, print design and living in Barcelona. Her books Taming True Dragons and Planet SOS are the result of a lifelong interest in myths and environmental issues.