Prelude to Revolution: France in May 1968

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by Daniel Singer

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An essential history of the May 1968 upheaval in France—and how it changed the world.  Prelude to Revolution is the indispensable study of May 1968.  Generations have looked to this book for inspiration. Singer, who died in 2000, was widely considered the most adept interpreter of European politics for American audiences.  He shows here how change happens.

"If Marx had been living in Paris during May 1968, he might have written this book."—New Republic

"An intimate and intricate account of the events in Paris by one who knew almost every cobblestone in the Latin Quarter."
—Michael Foot

"Daniel Singer is the left's most brilliant arsonist. He sets ablaze whole forests of dessicated cliches about the 'end of history' and 'the triumph of the market' in order to light the way forward for the next generation of radical thinkers and activists."—Mike Davis

"Daniel Singer is the premier progressive interpreter of European affairs. His courageous vision and sophisticated analysis gives us hope even in this ice age of fashionable neoliberalism and conservatism."—Cornel West

"I can think of no journalist more versed, more hip to what is happening in Europe today than Daniel Singer."—Studs Terkel

Daniel Singer (September 26, 1926 – December 2, 2000) was a socialist writer and journalist. He was best known for his articles for the Nation in the United States and for the Economist in Britain, serving for decades as a European correspondent for each magazine. Gore Vidal described Singer as "one of the best, and certainly the sanest, interpreters of things European for American readers", with a "Balzacian eye for human detail."