Progress Pride & Party Mix Buntings

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Flags for Good

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Fill your space with pride with this 18ft bunting complete with 12 pride flags! The Progress Pride Flag Bunting features all progress pride flags (the top row in the image) and the Party Mix Flag Bunting features the progress, trans, bi, lesbian, nonbinary, pansexual, queer, aromantic, asexual, demisexual, two-spirit, and agender flags. The flags are concentrated in the middle so you have ample string on either side to secure the bunting to any attachment point. 

Burning Books says, "It's been hard to find a supplier of flags that doesn't sell a Black Lives Matter flag right alongside a thin blue line, gadsden flag (don't tread on me), etc. We were very happy to find Flags for Good, who is a politically and environmentally conscious company, that won't just sell any flag to anyone who's buying."